The Christmas Story

The Waverly Consort at The Cloisters

by Diana Preziosi   |   Dec 9, 2009

The Christmas Story


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This holiday season will be the 19th year for the performance of “The Christmas Story” by the Waverly Consort at The Cloisters at The Met, December 12 and 13. Michael Jaffee directs the thirteen-member ensemble in their Christmastide Holiday mass. The Cloisters is known for its devotion to medieval art and architecture, and during the holiday season, the Waverly Consort brings this experience in the taste of the museum to New York.

The musical program includes medieval music from the tenth to the fifteenth centuries, with eight vocalists and five instrumentalists playing classic medieval instruments. The arrangement is in the form of a narrative, much like a Middle Age mystery play. The Waverly Consort carries the ritual of the Advent Calendar through traditional music composed in the Middle Ages, containing both solemn and festive music.

For the concert, the Cloisters Museum and Fort Tryon Park Gardens are transformed with decorations in the tradition of medieval celebration of Christmastide. The Cloisters, whose beauty transforms through the seasons, is decorated for the holiday season while also maintaining its originality and the essence of the Middle Ages. The Cloisters are separated from all the other Met museums within New York by its originality, and this holiday season will mark a unique experience worth seeing for everyone. The performance will be held in the The Fuentidueña Chapel. Come see this limited engagement (December 12–13)—the experience is worthwhile for musical enthusiasts throughout the Tristate area.

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