Enron: A True Story About False Profits

Innovative musical retells modern history

by Julia Taveras   |   Apr 13, 2010

Enron: A True Story About False Profits


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Enron, the story of the largest bankruptcy in the U.S. Congress, comes to life at the Broadhurst Theater. Following a very successful production in London’s Royal Court Theater, Lucy Prebble’s adaptation of the real life scandal of 2001 has been paralleled to a contemporary King Lear.

Tony award winning actor Norbert Leo Butz stars as Jeffrey Skilling, the real-life CEO whose financial prowess both made and destroyed the company. The business oriented 90’s come alive with Rupert Goold’s direction, the man who gave a fresh and bloody approach to Macbeth in 2007.

What’s particular about this production is that it was a female playwright adapting a story set in a predominantly male world. Not only that, but this is a cross-boundary project: set in Texas, adapted by a young British playwright, and now, with an American cast and a British production team, imported to New York. Even with the risk of creating a financial crisis out of a Broadway musical (due to its estimated 4 million dollar budget), Enron flips this equation and creates a brilliant and sexy musical out of a financial crisis.

How did Lucy Prebble make finance come alive? Her imagination led her to have actors with dinosaur heads guzzling down dollar bills or stage directions such as “Party like it’s 1999.” By engaging music, video, multimedia and dance, suddenly the corporate world feels compelling to watch.

Cast members Norbert Leo Butz and Stephen Kinken, director Rupert Goold and writer Lucy Prebblewill meet to discuss the multimedia play at Barnes and Noble Lincoln Triangle on April 22 5pm.

Performances of Enron are open for the public on April 27. For more information please visit: