The Soft Light Signature

Video and dance, Patrick and Kristina

by Devina Shah   |   May 3, 2010

The Soft Light Signature


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The Soft Light Signature

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This may be the year for a new form of art: Dance Film. This cross-generic art form is a hybrid of dance and cinema that uses videography to capture dance in evocative and stylized ways. The relationship between film and dance may seem simplistic, but that’s only if we think of dance narrative and film narrative through a distinctly linear perspective where the videographer follows the movement in real time. Dance Film allows the focus to shift from the whole to the parts, so that the magic capability of film—to edit life into frames—allows individual movements, transient sensualities and innovative rhythms to be heightened and even created.

Produced by Patrick Lovejoy and featuring Kristina Bethel-Blunt, The Soft Light Signature is described as a “duet” between the two mediums. Whilst it would be inaccurate to say that this new genre belongs to Patrick Lovejoy alone, it is certainly necessary to emphasize the fresh direction in which he is taking it with his latest work. The Soft Light Signature, as indicated in the title, directs the eye towards “textures” of movement through sculpting light, shadow and projected imagery, which “combines to produce a multi-media experience in which the elements are woven together.”

Kristina Bethel-Blunt has performance credits that are both commercial and artistic. She is perfect for Lovejoy’s aesthetic concept as her athletic form allows the audience to see shapes, lines and, most importantly, light more effectively. The liaison between light, sound and movement holds the gaze of the viewer almost hypnotically and this is chiefly through the way Lovejoy has “cut and paste” the film frames onto a wider black screen. This technique gives the audience the impression that we are looking through a peephole. It is as if this fragmented story is a secret.